Pay Attention to Brain Fog Events

Brain fog is a feeling of disorientation, confusion, scattered thoughts, and inability to concentrate.  There is no diagnosis or exact cause of brain fog, but there are likely causes for brain fog.  To get a handle on the probable cause of brain fog, it is important to list the time and places of such events.

Medication may be one of the causes of brain fog.  This is easy to determine because a person can do a before and after comparison.  Almost all medications have side effects or effects.  We take medications to treat a problem, and we expect the results to be as hoped.  However, the side-effects are the unintended and uninvited results that may also happen.

Low blood sugar can cause brain fog and fatigue.  This also happens from lack of sleep, a disease, vitamin deficiency, or hormonal problems.  So, it is a good idea to seek medical attention to determine the likely cause of your brain fog moments.

However, if you are typically healthy brain fog may be the result of an unhealthy environment.  In these cases, pay attention to the WHEN and WHERE the brain fog happens.  If it happens at a certain time or place, ask yourself how you feel at other times and other places.

If the problems seem to happen in specific areas, track the events for at least a week, but a month is better.  Report your results to the HR or building managers.  The problem could be a simple as the fresh air supply to your work area.  Elevated levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide) happen in rooms where there are several people without enough fresh air supplied to the HVAC system.

If the fresh air supply is proper and your health seems good, then the problem is likely to be a sick or toxic workplace due to poor indoor air quality.  Though the buildup of chemical residue may be invisible and odorless, people are affected by the air quality.  This is more so if they spend a 40-hour workweek in the same location.

The solution is to have those in charge of employee care to request a IAQ review of the building for common contaminants.  This is neither difficult to accomplish nor expensive.  For a company, it is a proactive measure that allows workers to function at peak performance rather than struggling to stay on task.