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IAQ Business Package

Start an Odor Removal Business

2022 SaniZone and IAQ Business Package with Powerful Marketing tools

For over a decade prior to 2019, air quality was a secondary issue.  Indoor air quality is not much more of a Front and Center issue.  Once the coronavirus pandemic hit and promises to strike time and time again, we now know that what is in the air greatly impacts our lives.
We are seeking to fill that growing need with efficient and effective treatments and services.  A huge breakthrough is no longer using one-time visits with expensive IAQ test equipment, but the installation of our 24/7 IAQ monitoring units that detect ten different IAQ concerns.  
PACKAGE A: SaniFog, Probiotic management, and IAQ Monitoring  (New for 2022) 
  • Training course for up to six workers
    • Certified Ozone Technician
    • Infection Control course
    • Probiotics as a Remediation Tool
    • IAQ Specialist with Certificate
  • SaniFog and SaniVap Sanitizing, Odor removal, and Mold treatment
  • SaniGuard probiotics that provide ongoing protection
  • Advances 24/7 IAQ monitoring by with cloud access
  • Supply of SaniFog and SaniVap
  • A  supply of Probiotic concentrate (makes 60 gals of RTU).
  • One ULV fogger for SaniFog and Probiotic application
  • Option for your own SaniZone website with SEO for your city.
  • Membership in SaniZone Network and prepared marketing items
  • 90 Days of training guidance, updates, and live calls to assure your success
  ... $2500 for everything and our support

We are interested in using higher-level corporate level and local governmental connections to fuel the demand for these services.  As an emerging and vital health concern, indoor air quality is a niche market that has the ability to spread in an aware community.

While sanitizing is the lead issue at this time, SaniZone services also provide services to treat:

  1. EPA and OSHA compliant Sanitizing services with Green and approved products
  2. Effective odor removal 
  3. Mold and mildew mitigation
  4. Toxic building problems
  5. Particulate issue aggravating allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities

Practically speaking, our services focus on the indoor air issues which treat the multiple issues of a sick, toxic, or problematic condition.  This is a market that is in need of more services that have solutions for real issues in every community.  

Odor Removal - Sanitizing - Mold Killing - Detoxification