Itchy Nose or Bad Indoor Air

If you suffer from itchy nose or irritated eyes, it may be your condition or it may be the indoor air quality.  The question is whether the problem happens anywhere or mostly in one or two places.  Pay attention to the "Where it Happens" as much as medicating the problem.  

Eye drops and nasal sprays are helpful but are they masking the real problem.  An astute IAQ Specialist knows that one of the classic indicators of a sick or toxic building is if the problems are specific to the building or the person.

If the problem is the person, expect that symptoms will not be located in one are two areas.  The problems will be at random.  The problem can even be diet, pollen season, or an allergic reaction.

However, if the problem is mostly located in one or a few areas, it may indicate that the aggravation is coming from a polluted building.

The next question is whether others spending time in the building are having the same kind of issues at work.  This is why OSHA suggested an annual survey or workers.  

The bottom line is that the indoor environment is invisible and often has no odor.  The only way to assess the reality of the indoor air quality is through surveys and professional testing.  Otherwise, we are asking people to suffer in silence or to pretend that the problem is located in the person instead of the building.