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NAQI Training and Certification Courses

IAQ CertifiedIAQ Specialist: Our premier training program is the IAQ Specialist.   This is the base course for whatever sector of indoor environmental work you care to add.  Nationally sanctioned by the National Air Quality Institute and the Green Clean Institute.  This course includes OSHA training that allows the IAQ Specialist to provide OSHA compliance and the proactive measures required by law.

100% online with more than 8 hours of video and training materials.  Includes online test and certification. 

Required for the Level Three IAQ business program.  Fee: $395   LINK

Healthy Building IAQ

Probiotic Cleaning trainingProbiotic Sanitizing and Treatments:  An amazing study of the Green and eco-safe application of probiotics for sanitizing programs, odor mitigation, and healthy buildings.  Well-documented materials that can be shared with customers. 

Probiotics are far more beneficial and effective than people imagine.  We follow a healthy building system that inhibits the spread of diseases, delivers real results, and delivers a healthy work environment.  Our unique system of probiotics will make you seem like a hero and never worry that your products are harming people.

This100% online with video content.  No test required.  Fee $50    LINK

Healthy Building IAQ

Certified Ozone Technician

Certified Ozone Technician:  This is an online course with ample video content.  Ozone is a product of nature that can be harnessed to solve multiple problems.  Odor removal, mold and mildew problems, and sanitizing any area.  Ozone is regularly used for multiple indoor environmental problems.  Ozone destroys odors at the source and is used to effectively sanitize rooms and buildings.  Ozone is also used to kill mold and mildew.

This course was developed by the National Ozone Association, the recognized national standard for ozone services and professional training.  

This course is 100% online and incorporates extensive video instruction.  A test and certification are provided by the National Ozone Association.

Comes with test and certification.  Fee $149   LINK

Healthy Building IAQ

Basics of Odor Removal:  Learn the basics of odor removal.  We examine various approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of all types of odors.  This is an important aspect of Indoor Air Quality that will come up fairly often.  

Mold Inspection:  Learn how to conduct a mold inspection, use real-time testing, process lab tests, produce reports, and prescribe the protocols for remediation.  Pre and post-testing processes are described along with fees and promotions.  $150

Mold Remediation:  For those with existing skills in construction or who can perform tearouts and reconstruction of mold-damaged areas, this online training is a solid review of the tasks and processes you will need to understand for professional mold remediation.  100% online course with test and certification.  Fee $150   We can arrange for a 5 day work cycle with a Chicago-based firm to get hands-on experience in the actual work.  Fee is $500 and you will be doing actual work on mold remediation processes.