Partnership with the Green Clean Institute

Some twenty years ago, the cleaning industry was forced by the popularity of Green and sustainable demands to reformat their services as Green cleaning services.  As you might expect, the move to Green cleaning was minimalistic at best but strongly promoted for even the slightest Green accommodations.

The Green Clean Institute started more than twenty years ago to become the leading proponent of true Green cleaning.  Through the years, the Green Clean Institute has stayed true to their mission.  This is invaluable because the cleaning industry is hard-pressed to make efficiency and cost the major deciding factors.

The National Air Quality Institute is pleased to partner with the Green Clean Institute to move cleaning services to a higher level of cleaning and sanitizing.

NAQI realizes that cleaning product and techniques has a strong influence on the indoor air quality.  While not the sole concern, the cleaning program is performed nearly every night.  Cleaning services bring hundreds of gallons of cleaning products into the building every year.  Only a minor part leave in the trash or waste water.