People Thank Me for my IAQ Services

By far, one of the best and unexpected rewards for my work are the unsolicited calls of thanks that people make.  At the beginning, we talk about sick buildings as a big concern; but the real impact happens when someone returns to the building and realizes that their life is dramatically better.

One asthmatic man in Naperville report that he could not walk around the block without extreme tiredness.  After diagnosing and treating the IAQ problem, he reported that he had the best night’s sleep in years.  After the second treatment, he was able to easily walk around the block

Another great moment happened when we walked an elderly lady suffering from a number of health conditions back into her apartment after the treatment.  She had been so aggravated by the problems in the apartment that I was very worried that she might still react.

To my surprise, she not only had no reaction but she felt great relief.  

We treated a home with a young boy who suffered from Lyme disease that had gone undiagnosed for years.  He was then so sensitive that he wouldn’t wear clothes, ate only a few foods, and was paranoid in general. They could not get the boy to leave the house.

when the treatment was dine, we got a call a week later telling us that the boy settled down, was able to wear clothes, and was able to leave the house to get a long-overdue haircut.

This kind of real-life success stories have happened probably fifty times.  While these are jobs, the grateful calls make my job very rewarding.