Healthy Buildings, Healthy People

The Classic Symptoms of Sick Buildings

IAQ and Dept of LaborA professional IAQ Specialist can test the air of a building to discover the more obvious IAQ threats that are present.  The health issues of everyone in the building are constantly influenced by the quality of the air in the building.  

The facts are that every building holds some level of toxicity or pollution, and about 30% of workers have a mild to serious reaction to various indoor air quality threats.

The Department of Labor requires that any company conduct at least one survey of workers relative to the potential of workplace reactions.  This is easily done with the assistance of an IAQ Specialist who can provide the survey, conduct onsite testing, and suggest simple processes to resolve air quality issues before they become a legal liability to the company.

The classic symptom of any building is whether some of the workers experience unexpected health concerns when in the building that go away when they leave the building.  Frankly, this is the best way to determine if the building is toxic as sensitive workers can react to problems at a level that test equipment may find only a mild threat.

Every HR person or office manager should be aware of the DOL and OSHA mandate to aggressively treat office or workplace health threats before they become a legal or agency threat.  Under the topic of risk management, chemical sensitivity is list disability that may cause a successful lawsuit or bring heavy OSHA or DOL fines.

Symptoms to look for are allergic reactions, routine headaches, itchy eyes, rashes without an obvious cause, excessive sick days, workplace lethargy or tiredness, mild bouts of nausea, allergic reaction, increased asthma problems, and breathing problems.

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