How to Start an IAQ Business

There are people who are astutely aware of environmental conditions.  We find that the most motivated people for the IAQ business are those who either suffer from environmental sensitivities or have family with these issues.  The IAQ business is more than an interesting job.  It is fundamentally about helping people who may not even know why they are struggling with their health and wellbeing.

The Classic Sick Building Indicator

Those who have spent years dealing with indoor air quality issue already know the primary indicator of a sick or toxic building.  When workers are complaining of feeling worse at work than anywhere else, the problem may be a toxic building.

It need not be all workers are complaining, but that a few are feeling the impact of a toxic environment, and that doesn't mean hostile behavior.  Statistics tell us that about 30% of the workforce are impacted by conditions that the other 70% can ignore .. at least for now.

The Threshold Issue of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple chemical sensitivity is also called "Environmental illness" "Sick Building Syndrome", "Building Related Illness" and "idiopathic environmental intolerance."   And the reactions are not all the same and may be very unique to the person.  While one person reacts to perfume or cologne in the workplace, another person reacts to certain types of plastic.  

The IAQ Fishbowl Effect

The reality is that every building is an enclosed environment. Whatever goes into the building does not always leave.  Take for example pesticides.  These are low-level toxins, right?  Otherwise, the pest control products would not kill the insects.  So, regardless of the minute amount of toxic ingredients, they accumulate over time in the building.

Brainfog and Building Sickness

One of the somewhat common occurrence that people simply dismiss is the brainfog events.  Brainfog is literally a symptom, not an isolated anomaly.  This can happen because of poor nutrition or hydration, but this is one of the very common problems that come with a toxic or semi-toxic building.   I have had other air quality responses when I am stuck behind a diesel truck or bus that causes an almost immediate headache.  That headache goes away when I am away from the diesel exhaust smell.  So, we know the cause of the headache.
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