People Thank Me for my IAQ Services

By far, one of the best and unexpected rewards for my work are the unsolicited calls of thanks that people make.  At the beginning, we talk about sick buildings as a big concern; but the real impact happens when someone returns to the building and realizes that their life is dramatically better.

One asthmatic man in Naperville report that he could not walk around the block without extreme tiredness.  After diagnosing and treating the IAQ problem, he reported that he had the best night’s sleep in years.  After the second treatment, he was able to easily walk around the block

Particulate Pollution and Bronchitis

A study of air particles and chronic bronchitis is yet another IAQ issue that can be solved by a simple process, or neglected for years while people suffer.  The indoor air quality for all buildings is a complex mixture of potential threats.  We know that the EPA has declared that the inside air can be 400-500% worse than the outside air, and there are concerns for the outside air quality as well.

Join the NAQI Team of Professional IAQ Services

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