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Odor Removal Techniques

Odor Removal SpecialistLearn to open doors that lead to better jobs.  While it is possible to ignore an unhealthy indoor air quality issue, odors are hard to ignore.  As you consider starting or growing your IAQ Specialist business, you will find that odors are an influence in the air.

Odor removal is not a difficult subject.  If you learn the basic techniques, you can find yourself on the call list of services by a number of realtors, property managers, and even other services.  Other areas will open to a service that can do more than offer sanitizing.

This online course is recommended for those who have already take the IAQ Specialist course, although we do not require the IAQ Specialist course for those wishing to take the Odor Removal training.

Yes, we address the use of ozone, but there is much more to know if you want to serious solve a variety of odor problems.

Normally, $150, we offer this course for just $99