How to Start an IAQ Business

There are people who are astutely aware of environmental conditions.  We find that the most motivated people for the IAQ business are those who either suffer from environmental sensitivities or have family with these issues.  The IAQ business is more than an interesting job.  It is fundamentally about helping people who may not even know why they are struggling with their health and wellbeing.

As with any new business, the commitment to the program and enthusiasm is critical.  What may seem a little intrusive to some people is actually showing kindness and concern for other people.  With 30% of the workforce or population with some form of allergy, sensitivity, vulnerability, or respiratory problem; there is obviously a need for someone who knows how to guide the system to a better level of health.

Additionally, while about 60-70% of buildings have some aspect of poor indoor air quality; nearly every building have some air quality concerns.  In the normal course of life, conditions get compromised.  Like the need to routinely clean a building, the pollution happens of the building happens as well.

The fact is that there are no self-sustaining clean or healthy buildings.  This is why an IAQ Specialist is needed.  The ability to offer a free assessment of a building is a great starting point.  Better yet, the IAQ Specialist has the tools and ability to solve the most common IAQ problems.

In the end, the IAQ Specialist is about wellness and health.  These are things people tend to ignore in a busy workday until the problems take over their lives.  

Get started by taking the IAQ Specialist course.  The good news is that there is not a large investment to get started.  The business plan is building a network of health-concerned people.  It is possible that a "Healthy Building for Health People" campaign.  The process is one of inclusion of networks, organizations, business networks, and city leader to promote a healthy lifestyle and community wellness.

Indoor air quality involves sanitizing against diseases, removing pollution and toxins from the workplace, and eliminate the particulates in the air.  Frankly, every building is in need of clean and healthy air.